Finding the right community can be the most important step on your path to climate activism, here are some of our favorites:

Sunrise Movement
Extinction Rebellion

If you see the impacts of climate change  and environmental injustice in your community and there isn’t a group, start one!
The world is made better by the people who have the courage to speak out.  Once you’re up and running, we’d love to hear about the work you’re doing in your community. We’ll share the best stories from people working on the frontlines of climate change. 
No one can tell you how to be a climate activist. That’s up to you to figure out. But here are a few guidelines to help you.

Find a local group of activists to join

Better yet, join two or three. You need to find your people, your friends and co-conspirators. You need their support. They need yours.

Voices are empowered when joined together. Hone your organization and communication skills. Find your niche.


Be courageous & creative

The movement needs motion: fresh ideas, perspectives, tactics. Don’t wait for others. Get political.


Bring in others

Talk to others. Recruit others. Inspire others.


Prioritize your physical, mental, & spiritual health

If you are burnt out you can’t help. Be kind to yourself.


See how far you can go

How revolutionary can you get? We are losing Earth. Now is the time.


Dissolve your ego

This will help you, the climate movement, & the Earth. There are many practices, find one that works.

That’s it, have fun! And thank you. We love you, and so do all the other beings on this Earth that are suffering from climate and ecological breakdown.